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NEW Windyhop looks awesome - may want to list Drake
  • sidneyhopsidneyhop January 2012
    Posts: 1
    Hey, kudos to the designers/programmers/administrators of the NEW and IMPROVED Windyhop! It looks great and navigates great. ... One suggestion: I don't see any mention of dancing at the Drake on Saturdays. Flat Cats play there on two Saturdays each month. You may want to contact them for the specific calendar.
  • GeralyGeraly January 2012
    Posts: 17
    thanks for the reminder! i'll mention it to the team and post some drake/flat cats dates in the meantime! :)
  • MiddlesMiddles January 2012
    Posts: 4
    Some other things I didn't see was Java Jive at University of Chicago happens most Fridays and there are a few bands that play pretty regularly. I didn't know if you guys were limiting the band page to only a few bands for a specific reason though. The bands are:

    Allen Gresik Swing Shift Orchestra
    John Burnett Orchestra
    Outcast Jazz Band
    Thomas Gunther Trio
  • GeralyGeraly January 2012
    Posts: 17
    my impression is that producers of events and bands are going to have the ability to post their own events to the calendar. however, i'm not sure who's rcvd their usernames/passwords yet - i have to confirm with the windyhop team. because i post events for fizz, i've been able to post other events as well in the meantime... :) thanks for the heads up!
  • rocketcommanderrocketcommander March 2012
    Posts: 4
    The site looks a thousand times better...thanks

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