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RIP Hal Takier 1917-2011
  • GeralyGeraly January 2012
    Posts: 17
    Just read on Yehoodi that Balboa dancer Hal Takier passed away.... :( http://www.yehoodi.com/comment/174224/r-i-p-hal-takier-1917-2012/

    "An original member of the LA dance group Ray Rand Swingers, Hal and his partners originated many steps including the "Merry-Go-Round", the "Flyin' Hal" and "Hal's Roll". One of the few people to be filmed dancing Balboa in "The Beach Clip" his dancing will forever be remembered from what is perhaps his most explosive performance, the Bal-Swing tour de force that is "The Maharaja" - via theRiz on Yehoodi

  • WindyHopWindyHop January 2012
    Posts: 11
    Yeah I heard about that. I'm glad I got to meet him several times when I lived in California. Great guy.
  • MiddlesMiddles January 2012
    Posts: 4
    Here is a short documentary about Hal:

  • MiddlesMiddles January 2012
    Posts: 4
    No Really here it is:


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