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In from California (Jan 30)
  • Farmer_A January 2012
    Posts: 2
    Hello Hello!
    I found out that I will be arriving on Jan 30th at 8pm into Chicago. I would love for a couple leads and follows to come hang out with me at the Honky Tonk. An old friend said I could find live music and and possibly some dancing :)

    I've been dancing Lindy and since 2001, lived in San Diego for many years and now live in Northern California. Though my shoes might be dusty, my dancing never is! I can even bust out country, west coast, and salsa as the music calls for it :)

  • Tia January 2012
    Posts: 3
    If you're coming in on a Monday, Fizz is a much better option for actually getting your dance on(being a DJ'd dance). Was there any reason you wanted to do Honky Tonk instead(live music addict/transit issues) that we might be able to help with?
  • JennaMarieJennaMarie January 2012
    Posts: 2
    Hey Amy,

    Tia is right. the Honkey Tonk is not the best place to go on a Monday. In fact, they don't have live music on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, you can check out their music calendar here: http://honkytonkbbqchicago.com/live-music/

    Bands that we really like to dance to are the Fat Babies and the Sons of Susan. You can almost always find dancers at those gigs, especially the Sunday Fat Babies gig (every Sunday at the Honky Tonk).

    Hope this helps!

  • Farmer_A March 2012
    Posts: 2
    Thank you ladies. I had my date wrong and was coming in the 29th. I went to Honky Tonk and enjoyed the live music, food, beer, and a few dances.
    I'm back in town and curious if anyone will still be in Chicago even though Heartland is going on?

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