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Site Monitor?
  • JennaMarieJennaMarie January 2012
    Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    I'm sure you have noticed, as I did, that WH is already getting spam on the forum. (Yay! It's big enough that it gets spam!)

    Is there going to be someone who monitors and has the ability to delete the weight loss posts? If I remember correctly, during the time that it wasn't being well monitored, the old windyhop was getting tons of spam - written in different languages - making much of the forum unreadable.

    I'm not complaining but just curious. I think this new WH looks fantastic and appreciate all the hard work everyone has done on it!

    ~ j

  • stockdancerstockdancer January 2012
    Posts: 9
    Thanks for bringing that up. We do have a small group monitoring the forum and calendar, but we're hoping to turn that into a large group monitoring the forum. If you or anyone else is interested in being part of the excitement let us know and shoot the following info to windyhop.volunteer@gmail.com:

    Interest: (Forum, calendar, or original content)
    Preferred email: (if different from what the one you emailed with.)
    Level of interest:
    a) less than 30 min a week
    b) an hour a week
    c) more than an hour a week
    d) occasional help

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