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Windyhop Collective Meeting!
  • WindyHopWindyHop April 2012
    Posts: 11
    A few days ago, this not too recent video made the rounds of lindy hop blogs, tweets and fb walls alike:

    My life has changed completely & positively from learning & dancing lindy hop & this too short video resonates deeply for me. I can\'t express in words my thanks for the vision, diligent work & determination of local organizers, teachers, fellow dancers & musicians for encouraging and growing this community.

    Though I may be at a loss for words, I (and YOU!) can help the community grow & flourish by getting involved (with your time, your creative ideas, your experience & contacts) and volunteering!

    Maybe you\'re thinking about sponsoring a class, workshop or dance events and need some help? Do you need ideas on promoting/finding rehearsal space for your performing dance company? Would you like to create or help create partnerships with local schools, libraries, and non-profits to raise awareness about Lindy Hop and the Swing Dance Era? How can you help our local community make a significant contribution on a national scale in raising public awareness and participation in this cultural and historical pastime? Let\'s help each other!

    The Windyhop Collective is an organization of dedicated individuals who have a common appreciation and love of the music & dances of the Swing Dance Era. We are proud to be a part of the local arts community that makes Chicago a richer place to live and visit.

    Please join us at our next meeting at

    Next Door
    659 W. Diversey
    April 29 11am - 1pm

    Previous meeting minutes can be found here:

    Please come to the meeting & please share this invite with anyone who might be interested! Hope to see you there! :)

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