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Aerials on the Social Dance Floor.
  • nuprinz April 2012
    Posts: 1
    I originally posted this on the Swing Dancing at Fizz FB page but I think it applies to most dance floors in the city:

    "While I'm still thinking about it and because it was so horrifying to me...

    Tonight, we had a few new couples on the dance floor that were attempting some seriously dangerous aerials. Like over the shoulder and upside down dangerous. I quickly sprinted over and had them stop and explained the potential DANGER WILL ROBINSONS to them and the other dancers.
    Thankfully, I believe they understood me and will be coming back again too.

    I think what might worry me more is the number of Fizz regulars that came up to me to thank me for talking to them. I understand how people may feel uncomfortable telling some kids off for being ignorant about floor etiquette BUT here's the thing, and it's very VERY important: It is YOUR dance floor too. Tell them to cut it out. Keep you and your dance partners safe. It takes a village everyone!

    If you're not up to being the asshole telling the kids to stop, come find me. I will gladly be that asshole. I rather yell at someone than be giving CPR to them.

    I hope you understand. [this is where you smile, nod, and click on 'like'] good. See you all next week. Meanwhile take care of each other!"

    Do you think I was making a blanket statement about aerials? Is there other floor etiquette that should be the responsibility of the dancer or the venue owner to enforce?

  • TwoStepFTW April 2012
    Posts: 2
    Fizz SHOULD have a blanket statement on air steps and, IMO, it should be 'don't do them'.

    Nobody wants the liability and air steps, like skateboarding, lead to injury.

    "Learn one step and two step and you can rule the world"
    Me, sometime last year
  • Tia April 2012
    Posts: 3
    Oh god. Same at CodeBLUE. If this happens at a CB dance and we don't catch it and you don't feel comfortable saying something, come ask one of us(Jame, Anna or myself) to say something. I have no problem being the "bad" guy, since aerials on the floor are a serious risk to the people doing them and everyone around them.

    I'm not sure if there's other etiquette that can be left to the dance runner to enforce though, other than things that you almost never see people do (IE: walking through a crowded floor with a drink during the middle of a song).
  • AnnaAnna April 2012
    Posts: 2
    Aerials do not belong on the social floor. They're fine for a performance, a jam circle, or a competition, but not for tossing out in the middle of a regular dance. I've intervened once at CodeBLUE when I saw some dangerous dips happening and I will continue to do so. Any of us organizers want to know if something is happening that would cause a danger to our guests.

    I think dancers should go with their guts. If you observe behavior that you think is unsafe, say something. Say it to the person in question or to the event host, but please let your worries be known. I don't know any organizers in our fair city who would have qualms about addressing genuine safety concerns.

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