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Concordia University needs some help from experienced dancers!
  • GeralyGeraly March 2012
    Posts: 17
    just saw this on yehoodi:

    My friend has transferred to Concordia University in Chicago (River Forest) and has become involved in their swing scene.

    Since the Concordia is a very green club, they are running out of East Coast. I believe they have learned inside turn, outside, and the dreaded pretzel.

    Caity McQueen would love to have some more experienced dancers help out. If I were closer I'd totally help out but I'm leaving it up to the good-hearted swing dance lovers that you all are.

    I'm the middle man so please direct any interest/helpful tips to her via email or Facebook.

    The map to the school is here: http://g.co/maps/w4e2p

    Email: caity.mcqueen@gmail.com

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/caity.mcqueen

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